Saturday, July 7, 2007

Hoagland's Learning Disability

Jim Hoagland's column, "The Next Battle In Iraq" in the WP contained the following remarkable statement:

"American failure in transforming Iraq has many causes. None is more important than Bush's inability to set clear, achievable priorities and to stick to them when they collide with the vested interests of Iraq's neighbors and of significant parts of the U.S. bureaucracy."

Really, you don't see the doctrine of preemption as being a failure? What about Congress' abdication of its constitutional role in declaring and funding wars? Does the Judiciaries refusal to rule in favor of the constitution rather than Vice President or his Bush puppet on everything from detainees to wiretapping strike you as particularly successful?

The lessons of Vietnam were not 'Establish clear, attainable goals, use any means to achieve them and never give up.' The lessons of Vietnam were 'Don't go to war under false pretenses, don't try to occupy a foreign country about which you know nothing and Do, for God's Sake, have an exit strategy!' Mr Hoagland seems determined to remain forever ignorant.

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