Sunday, January 21, 2007

Democratic Think Tanks

The democratic think tank you are referring to wouldnt happen to be the ISG, would it? The only truly bi-partisan proposal on how to deal with the real disaster for Americas Middle East policy was rejected by Bush in favor of more neocon mischief. Who is playing partisan politics with our national security? James Baker III? Chuck Hegel? Olympia Snowe? Gordon Smith? Dick Lugar? And Maliki is unfit because he is ninety percent Shia? I would venture to say he is one hundred percent Shia. What did you expect when you brought down a secular nationalist government and delivered it into the hands of the long oppressed Shiite Islamic Fundamentalists. Mr Broder should be ashamed that even at this late date he refuses to acknowledge the fundamental errors in waging this preemptive war for regime change in Iraq.

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