Sunday, January 21, 2007

Jeb in '08?

Are you fucking kidding me? SV Date's column in today's Washington Post is a perverted fantasy about both what might have been if it had been Jeb instead of George in 2000 and how great a candidate he would make in '08 or 2012.

*Jeb Bush will turn 54 next month. He has plenty of time. Given his personality and his sense of mission -- not to mention that his father and brother have already succeeded at this -- it seems impossible that Jeb would not run for president. Whether in two or six or 10 years, the United States will face the prospect of yet another Bush in the White House. Americans will then quickly learn what we in Florida already know: This Bush not only combines his father's interest in governing and his brother's permanent campaign but also brings a relentlessness to impose his will that seems entirely his own.*

Yeah, that's exactly what America needs; a permanent campaign, a president who relentlessly imposes his will and HWBush's interest in governing! Though the attention span of Americans could be challenged by a common house fly, the results of the presidencies of both Bush 41 and 43 will remind us for decades if not centuries to come to heed the advice of Jesse Jackson at the 2000 Democratic Convention, *America, keep out of the Bushes!*. If Mr. Date wants to compare dynasties, I would ask who does he think Americans would vote for in a match up between Bill Clinton and GW? I dont really care for Hillary but she would mop the country with Jeb.

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