Monday, February 19, 2007

Cowards Bad Mouth Murtha

I'm sure everyone has noticed the growing chorus of criticism coming from the pro-war right of Congressman John Murtha. Novak weighed in today with his alarmist screed "Murtha In Command" which included this gem of a paragraph:

Murtha's plan did not surprise Republicans. They were poised to contend that his proposed amendment to the supplemental appropriations bill would effectively cut off funding for the war, confronting moderate Democrats elected after promising voters they would support the troops. But the Senate rule requiring 60 votes to end debate, which prevented final passage of the nonbinding resolution rejecting the troop surge, would not affect Murtha's plan because appropriations have to be passed and cannot be filibustered. Thus, unless there is an unexpected retreat by Democrats, Murtha will be driving U.S. policy. That is an improbable elevation for a House member best known until now as a purveyor of pork. An ideological moderate (a 65 percent rating from Americans for Democratic Action and 40 percent from the American Conservative Union in 2006), he became a hero to the left by advocating "redeployment" of troops from Iraq.

But Novakula is is hardly on his own here. Rove/Bush/Cheney seem to be up to their old Scooter Libby tricks and calling on a lot of the same people. Krauthammer and Malkin have both leapt in to denounce Jack Murtha as everything from senile to aiding the enemy. (sound familiar McCain?) So, once again we have a highly decorated, combat wounded veteran - he joined the Marine Corps in 1952 then, in 1966 volunteered for service in Vietnam where he was awarded the Bronze Star with Valor, two Purple Hearts and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry - who is being attacked for not supporting the troops, for undermining the Commander in Chief, for cutting and running. Does this sound like a pattern? Americans, particularly you in uniform, how do these people treat veterans?

Well, if Mr Novak is right, we have a choice before us. We either continue to trust the management of the war to Bush, Cheney and Rove or we turn to someone with some actual military experience. Who would you want in your foxhole?

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pissed off patricia said...

Crooks and Liars had a clip up yesterday of Ann Colture (sp?) tossing in her useless two cents against Murtha.

After this Washington Post story came out showing the god awful way our vets are treated at the other part of Walter Reed, I don't think anyone in the bush administration can say they support the troops. They may support sending them into war but they sure don't support them when they return.